Vitamins & Supplements

Daily Supplements


  1. nuun ENERGY is an effervescent caffeine and electrolyte supplement that honestly delivers. While I am in no way wowed by any type of water flavoring as far as taste is concerned, the taste of nuun ENERGY is not unpleasant and I have been consistently happy with the results. Also, the caffeine this product contains is sourced from green tea extract, which allows me to feel less guilty than I do following a cup of coffee.
  2. ONE A DAY for Her gummies are a must. I know I definitely should have upgraded from the the TEEN supplement years ago, but this multivitamin honestly does wonders for my skin so I haven’t had the courage to switch things up just yet. The gummy version of this vitamin always makes me laugh though, as the directions clearly recommend chewing 2 a day, which sort of blatantly contradicts the brand name.
  3. OLLY VIBRANT SKIN is also a gummy vitamin, but has a slightly softer consistency than the one a day gummies. It’s not an unpleasant consistency, just a bit surprising if you’re accustomed to one a day’s texture. After 35 days of taking this consistently, my dry skin is still present, but significantly less of an issue. Each bottle contains a 25 day supply, so if you don’t see enough of a change after finishing your first bottle, I do recommend giving it one more shot. As this is a new addition to my daily regimen, I will do another review when I reach 50 days, but I am loving my results thus far and hope to keep seeing improvements.
  4. Nature’s Way Vitex Fruit promotes regulation and balance in women’s menstrual cycles, and since this has been a consistent struggle for me ever since I can remember, I am happy with any slight improvement. Vitex definitely delivered on the regularity, but Vitex alone generally allowed for the occasional surprise in my cycle. After reading up on how I could get the best results from taking Vitex, many nutrition blogs recommended other herbal supplements that can be paired with Vitex to achieve better results, which lead me to the purchase of the fifth supplement on my list.
  5. Nature’s Way Red Raspberry Leaf is said to help with heavy and irregular menstrual cycle symptoms. Unfortunately I can’t say for certain that this product would be as effective for me if I were to take it just on it’s own, but I have seen major improvements since combining it with Vitex. While I do hope to eventually stumble upon a supplement that will allow for menstrual cycle health and regularity without the hassle of combining multiple supplements, but this is the best method I’ve come across so far in my search.

I am always open to feedback, suggestions, and requests, so please let me know if there are any health/beauty products you’d like to see reviews for, or if you specifically have a supplement recommendation.


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