Coco Rose Coconut Oil Lip Conditioner by Herbivore Botanicals

Coco Rose Coconut Oil Lip Conditioner by Herbivore Botanicals


From the very first week this lip conditioner became available for purchase everything I heard about it was either glowing or positively horrid, but I was just so intrigued by the compilation of ingredients that I was dying to try it.

Just as it has for many others, coconut oil alone has always done wonders for me when my hair or skin was particularly dry, but realistically coconut oil is a bit heavy for everyday use, not to mention impractical to carry around in your purse, so I had been dying to find a good everyday product containing coconut oil when I began hearing about this balm. Unfortunately, everyone I spoke with either had a great experience using it, or claimed that it dried their lips out even more than using nothing at all would have!

The thing is, I love my skin and strive to take good care of it, so I was very weary about the idea of trying a product that could potentially cause it harm, but after researching each key ingredient contained in the balm, I decided that I still believed in the potential of this product.

After talking myself out of it somewhere in the realm of 730 times, I finally purchased the lip conditioner from Sephora for $22. I’ve just reached day 7 of using this balm, and so far, I actually really love it. I honestly can’t compare the consistency to any other lip treatment I’ve used before, as it is significantly less sticky than anything else I’ve tried in the past, but comfortably stays in place rather than bleeding off of my lips and on to my surrounding skin. Another detail I love is the product’s scent, as I find it to be comparable to the smell of a very light, clean rose water, which I add to nearly every bath I take. So if you enjoy the scent of natural rose water as much as I do, I’m positive you’ll love the way this balm smells.

After 7 days of regular use, I have not noticed any sort of decline in the hydration of my lips, but rather the opposite. I don’t feel the need to apply this balm anywhere near as often as I generally need to apply lip balms, chap-sticks and serums, because it legitimately does keep my lips looking and feeling smooth throughout the day. This not only gives me hope that it’s fulfilling it’s purpose, but that it will ultimately end up lasting me a bit longer than other lip treatments. I absolutely recommend this product as of now, and will of course, keep you informed. ❤



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