Ipsy Swap Parties

Throwing a Proper Ipsy Swap Party

Every month, I get a shiny new package in the mail from Ipsy, and overall I’ve been very happy with the contents of those packages. The recurring issue with each Glam Bag, however, is that they all seem to contain at least one mysterious item that I struggle to imagine myself making use of even on my most adventurous day. One afternoon, I was showing a friend my Ipsy rejects, and was pleased to discover that she actually had some great tips for using some of the products, and she was willing to take a few of the others off my hands. We got to talking about how she had experienced the same dilemma with her Glam Bags, and that is how out monthly Ipsy Swap parties began.

So gather all of your Ipsy-loving companions127 together,  and ensure that you’ve each come equipped with your latest monthly Glam Bag, as well as plenty of snacks and alcohol to keep you all sustained throughout the evening, and try it out yourself.

The best thing about getting your confidantes together to discuss and try out these beauty products, is that scientifically, someone in the room is definitely going to know something about a product that you don’t- whether it’s an application tip or a bit of information regarding the brand, the more you know about a beauty product, the more useful it’s going to end up being for you.

Now this is where the swapping comes in. If you and your friends have heard all you need to hear about whatever products you were initially weary about, and still have no desire to incorporate them into your collection, have everyone place their items into a concealed container. My friends and I usually adopt “White Elephant” rules, and draw names to determine the order in which we will draw from the collection of concealed products. Using traditional White Elephant rules also allows us the option to steal previously drawn products instead of choosing from the pool of products, but this method of swapping has evolved over time, and is by no means the only way of swapping products. The idea is to have fun, and get the most out of your Ipsy subscription, so make it your own, and stay pretty. model-1208325


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