Tips & Tricks for Perfect Eyebrows

Eyebrow Tips & Tricks for Beginners

Eyebrow maintenance can be an absolute nightmare when you’re just getting started, and my experience was no different than that of any other newcomer. After working diligently to perfect this complex art for more than my fair share of time, I’m finally content with my methods and my brows and I have fallen into a downright harmonious routine. These are the absolute best tips and tricks I can give to someone who’s just learning the art of eyebrow amplification. It is my wish that sharing what I’ve learned over the years will help alleviate any stress you may be experiencing as a beginner. Enjoy (:

Aloe Vera is Your Friend

Aloe Vera contains nourishing properties that moisturize and heal hair follicles, encouraging your brows to grow in faster and thicker. It’s also likely to cost you less than your average brow growth treatment, which is always a plus. Apply a small amount of all natural Aloe Vera gel before bed at night, and over time your brows should become significantly more manageable.

“Cheat Sheet” Plucking

Before you and your tweezers go all warrior princess on those brows, try creating a “cheat sheet”, by filling your brows prior to beginning the actual plucking. This ensures that you’re comfortable with the shape before reaching the point of no return, and minimizes the likelihood of over-plucking.


Lets be real, “plucking” is a rather cutesy way of describing the act of ripping hair out of your face. Redness and irritation are possible realities, but can be dealt with quickly and responsibly by using proper aftercare methods. The most effective aftercare method I’ve encountered has been dabbing a bit of Witch Hazel on the affected area.

Don’t Force It

Go off of what you’ve already got to work with. Obviously the whole idea of grooming and making up your brows is to achieve a prettier finish, however, things like creating an unnatural shape and filling with drastically different colors than your actual brows, can lead to absolutely tragic results when you’re just getting started. Start small, and work on perfecting and enhancing what you’ve got.

Fill Responsibly

No matter what you’re using to fill your brows, it’s important to remember that no one’s ever achieved a desirable look by heavily dragging their eyebrow filler back and forth over their brows. Stroke your brows lightly, always using an upward motion. No one wants their brows to appear caked with makeup, and those results absolutely can be avoided by simply filling with caution.

Don’t Forget to Highlight

Once you’ve filled in your shapely new brows, brighten things up by brushing a dab of highlighter just beneath your brow bone. This step will give you that gorgeous, open-eyed look, which honestly makes all the difference.

Avoid the Embarrassment

If you choose to fill your brows with anything heavier than the lightest of pencils available for purchase, and if you are in fact, a live human who occasionally perspires, I cannot stress enough how completely essential the use of a makeup setting spray is after filling your brows. There are very few sights more frightening than someone’s eyebrow dripping down their face, and I’m hoping to help rid the world of such traumatic events by way of this article. Makeup setting spray is a serious must.

So let me know if you’ve got methods or tips I haven’t mentioned, but should be trying. I believe beauty is a constantly growing and evolving form of art, and I am dedicated to changing and growing with it, I’m so happy to have you on this journey with me and look forward to hearing from you!


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