New Revlon Lipcolor

Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor


Let me stress that I purchased this “lipcolor” at the grocery store. I wasn’t exactly under the impression that I had discovered some new groundbreaking beauty product.

But as has been known to happen, I was surprisingly impressed, so $8 well spent.

The purchase was made due to a hectic day, in the midst of which I dropped and destroyed my lipstick rushing out of my house, and needed a quick replacement. After glancing over the tiny makeup section my local convenient store had to offer, I decided on this because it seemed closest formula to the gel-like liquid lipstick I was seeking a replacement for, and as luck would have it, I found a color that matched as well. The color I chose was dramatically labeled, HD Romance (pictured above) and while it is the only color I’ve tried so far, there were an array of other colors hilariously named after vampire novels for young adults. I did look them up, and the colors are listed as follows:

  • HD Crush
  • HD Flirtation
  • HD Spark
  • HD Temptation
  • HD Kisses
  • HD Seduction
  • HD Passion
  • HD Intensity
  • HD Infatuation
  • HD Obsession
  • HD Love
  • HD Embrace
  • HD Devotion
  • HD Addiction
  • HD Forever

While I am thinking of writing Revlon to request their permission to write an obscenely long YA franchise named after their products, I really do appreciate the quality of the lipcolors, and will definitely be purchasing them again in the future.


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