Currently Trending: The Cold Shoulder

Stay in Style with Cold Shoulder Cut-outs

Cold shoulder cut-outs seem to be absolutely everywhere right now, and the trend is still spreading like wildfire, so here is a collection of my current top 5 favorite cold shoulder pieces to get you started:

90Shop this Collection:

1. Yellow Jersey Sweater

One of the rare cases in which one size truly does fit all, this sweater looks cute whether it’s loose or fitted to your body type, and it’s shade of yellow is absolutely perfect for fall!

2. Cold Shoulder Plaid Shirt

Who doesn’t love an new spin on an old favorite? Believe it or not, this classic Hollister button down is even cuter when exposing your shoulders, so if you’re already a fan of Hollister brand button downs, you’re going to love this shirt.

3. Cowl Neck Cold Shoulder Sweater

Also from Hollister, this burgundy cowl neck is the perfect mix of casual and conservative- it’s cold shoulder cut-outs give this sweater a more laid back look than your average cowl neck top, but the rest of the sweater keeps with tradition flawlessly.

4. Stripe Ruffle Cold Shoulder Shirt

Ruffles came back with a bang this past summer, and they are only getting more popular now! Ruffles perfectly accent this pinstriped button down. The details on this shirt are so lovely, and work so well together, it’s open shoulders are just the icing on the cake.

5. Cold Shoulder Bodysuit

Bodysuits have made a serious comeback over the past year, and I love that this one from AX PARIS also has open shoulders. The combination pairs flawlessly, the suit itself fits true to size, and can add a bit of modern sophistication to any look!


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