The 6 New Year’s Resolutions You Need to Set in 2017

1. Put yourself first when it is obvious that you should.

Suppressing your own happiness in favor of a relationship will almost certainly weaken said relationship instead of strengthening it.

2. Go see new places.

Even if it is the shortest weekend road trip you can imagine, a change of scenery can change your life.

3. Try to go out and take advantage of pretty days, and stop feeling guilty when you don’t.

Our energy levels constantly fluctuate, and it’s easy to forget that there isn’t anything wrong with the occasional day spent lounging on the couch, but for some of us, this time of year means that nice days are few and far between. So when a lovely day comes around (at least for the next few months) make a point of taking a walk, opening your windows, or even throw together a last minute camping trip. Do what you can to enjoy nice days.

4. Keep a diary.

Keeping a record of your life and it’s day to day changes can be extremely therapeutic, and can also give your mind the ability to stay in the present. Write down everything you appreciate and everything that you’re changing or preserving for the better- just make sure the tone of your recordings is optimistic!

5. Budget responsibly.

Budgeting and saving money is a skill that absolutely can be acquired no matter your financial circumstances. For money saving and organization, I use Qapital which is an app that can be used as a penalty free savings account. Qapital has no setup fee, no monthly fee, no minimum balance, AND absolutely no bank transfer fee. The app also allows you to set rules for your spending and can be set to automatically add to your savings every time you use your bank card. Qapital has taught me everything I know regarding budgeting and saving, and again it is completely free, not to mention if you sign up using the link I’ve provided above, you’ll get $5.00 completely free to start you off!

6. Try something new at the start of every month.

Resolutions don’t have to be annual. Set goals and try something you haven’t before at the beginning of each new month in 2017- even if it’s something as simple as trying a new moisturizer, keeping things interesting will make you feel energized.

These resolutions are simply a jumping off point. The specifics of how each of them will fit into and improve your life are entirely up to you. However, bearing these in mind can make all the difference for you this year, and remember that positivity makes all the difference. Happy New Year! ♥



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