Weekend Favorites

Friday Night – Babes Club

Babes Club Logo Bodysuit


As you can see, we did not hold back on Friday night, and as a result, when this photo was taken, I was actually fiddling with my hair over top of the most important part of this bodysuit- the “Babes Club” logo. But what I hope you can see is that I had a very long night and stayed perfectly comfortable throughout the entire evening in this awesome knit top. Forever 21 currently has it listed at only $9.03, which for the quality, is an absolute steal, so click the link above if you’re interested in seeing photos that were not taken by intoxicated people with iPhone cameras.

Saturday Night – BAEWATCH

Suburban Riot Baewatch Graphic Tee


On Saturday, I kept things a bit more low key and spent some time at the bookstore before dinner with friends and the eventual consumption of a somewhat more reasonable amount of alcohol than the previous evening. But the point is, this super soft, loose fit graphic tee was appropriate and comfortable for daytime activities, and when dressed up with a little black jacket and red lipstick (NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella) it also made for a modern-casual look that I felt confident going out in. The top is currently listed on Amazon (see link above) at $44.00 and is also eligible for Amazon Prime.


Nasty Woman T-Shirt


Full disclosure, I get that this one isn’t for everyone and that’s totally fine. Do your thing.

That being said, my Sunday went from a day of resting and reading my bookstore purchase from the previous day, to a full on hibernation scenario in my “Nasty Woman” t-shirt. This shirt has become my go-to casual wear. I’m basically a cartoon character, in that I keep repeating the same outfit over and over again, but the material is comfortable and the color is perfect (there are several colors available, but I have it in Cranberry). As you can see in the link I’ve posted above, Amazon currently has this t-shirt listed at $15.99 with free shipping for Amazon Prime members, so definitely check it out!

Hope everyone had a fun & safe weekend, and that you looked fierce doing it. ❤


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