Cheekbones That Kill

Blush is a powerful little gem.

It can transform and perfect your cheekbones in 30 seconds, give your pretty face dimension, and give you that healthy glow like no other product could ever dream.

My current favorite: Paradise Pearlized Blush by Manna Kadar (pictured below)IMG_0186

So how exactly can we achieve the best results when applying blush?

1. Stick to Those Apples

The apples of your cheeks are the only part of your cheeks that need that pretty glow, so never ever go too low or too high. If you ignore the apples of your cheeks when you apply blush the results can be clown-like and undesirable at best. If you have no idea what the hell this means, try smiling upon application- smiling will give you the best idea of where the apples of your cheeks actually reside.

2. A Little Does a Lot

Just a gentle dusting of blush can transform and perfect your face. An aggressive layering of blush on the other hand, can give you that sun burnt yet shimmery look that I’m pretty sure no one is actually going for. Personally, I try to go with a gentle dusting.

3. Choose a Worthy Companion

Apply blush using a brush or applicator that was designed specifically with blush. Applicators make a world of difference (in case you were in a coma during the whole Beauty Blender phenomenon). My current favorite would have to be The Shape Contour and Blush Brush No. 15 by Marc Jacobs Beauty.

4. Choose Your Color Wisely

Cosmetics come in so many colors, and they’re all so lovely, so it’s tempting to try every single available option and deal with the regret later. Blush is no exception, so keep it reasonable with your color and choose something that is effective without contrasting your skin color too drastically.

IMG_34795. Don’t Forget to Blend

Blush should be a part of your makeup, and not a separate entity sitting on top of everything else. Blending gives you that fierce, magic sort of glow and ensures you have no harsh lines after applying your blush.

6. Steer Clear of Glitter

Go for pearlized if your after some shimmer. Glitter is almost never the answer when it comes to cosmetics.

Bear these tricks in mind while you’re getting ready, and you’ll be radiating confidence out of your perfect cheekbones in no time.

Stay pretty ♥


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