New Home – First Look

We’re already completely in love with our pretty little studio apartment, and more than thrilled to have an all new space to arrange and get creative with.

Day One


We spent day one having coffee, and sitting on our air mattress, marveling at our high ceilings and all the home design possibility they hold. Other favorite attributes of our new home include the perfect amount of sunlight, enough openness to leave room for rearranging things until everything is perfect, a walk-in closet, and a closed off kitchen, giving it a homier feel than some other efficiency apartments I’ve stayed in.

Evening View

IMG_0166As you can tell from the photo of our first day in our new home, it’s got a very long way to go, but as this is the sort of project I live for, this is a design collage I put together to help inspire us while we’re working on it:

Vision Board

Thoughts and ideas are always welcome!

So looking forward to sharing the details of another home design project!



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